50 tricks and hidden features for iPhone 15!



Getting a new iPhone is an exciting experience. And if you just opened a new one for this holiday season, here are a series of tips and hidden features that will be useful for you to get the most out of your new iPhone.

And here, no matter if you are a newcomer to the platform or if you are upgrading your iPhone, even if you are a veteran, here you will find a variety of tips worth knowing. In fact, you may discover numerous little-known iPhone tips even to the most experienced users.

The best tricks and hidden functions to launch your new iPhone

Organize, search and more in Photos

Photos is one of the key apps on your new iPhone. All the photos you have taken or imported to your iPhone will be saved here. And now that you have them there, it’s time to take advantage of this app:

  • Add a caption for those you want to give more context to. Simply swipe up any photo. Think of this as adding something in pen to the back of a physical photo.
  • In the search engine you can enter keywords to find just what you want. You can try searching for “dog” or directly entering a specific breed like “Jack Russell terrier.”
  • Following the thread of animals, you can also create albums with the name of each pet, since iOS is able to differentiate them just like people.
  • In the “Photos” tab on the bottom left, you have them all organized by days, months and years. Pinch your fingers to zoom in or out and quickly find different moments in your reel.
  • Check the For You tab from time to time, there you will find Memories, highlights and effects to apply to your best photos.
  • In Albums > People, create one for each important person in your life. Initially, the most repeated people will appear in your reel to whom you can assign a name according to your contact files.
  • Remember that you can convert HEIF images to JPEG from iPhone very easily.
  • Hide the photos in your camera roll so only you can see them.
  • You can hide photos and password protect them using the Notes app.
  • If you don’t like an edit to a photo, you can always go back to the original photo after editing it.
  • Removing the background from one or more photos at a time is as simple as selecting them in the ‘Photos’ app, saving them in a folder in the ‘Files’ app, going to said folder, selecting them again and choosing the ‘Remove background’ option. .

Night mode, grid and more with the Camera

Not surprisingly, the camera is one of the most important apps on the iPhone. In addition to allowing you to immortalize memories, it has a series of tricks to make them even more memorable:

  • On iPhone 11 and later, you’ll see a new icon to help you take photos in low light. If you press it, you can choose how many seconds this mode will use to capture a better photo.
  • In Settings > Camera you can activate the grid to help you take more proportional photos.
  • From this app you can take the opportunity to scan a QR code simply by focusing on it. A Safari notification will be displayed to confirm the opening of the link.
  • Don’t miss out on the editing capabilities ProRAW offers on iPhone 12 Pro and later. Activate it from Settings > Camera > Formats, but be careful, keep in mind that these photos take up 25MB each.
  • Nor the ProRes format of the ‘Pro’ iPhone, but be careful with the space it consumes.
  • You have a button in the ‘Pro’ iPhone settings to control macro mode so that it does not come out automatically.
  • Press and hold your finger where you want to lock focus. You can also manage the brightness by sliding your finger up and down, when you do it near the focus.
  • Take photos in 1:1 format without having to edit them after taking them. To do this, display the options by sliding up on the screen.
  • When taking a photo, you can now adjust the exposure independently of focus lock from this same setting.
  • With the camera open, you can take photos without having to press the button on the screen. Use the volume up button to take photos or press and hold to record video.
  • If you prefer, in the camera settings you can choose to use this same button to take photos in burst mode.
  • Take advantage of the iPhone’s level for the camera, which is a yellow bar that appears in the center to indicate whether you are framing straight or not.

Personalize your iPhone with iOS 17 widgets

Widgets have been on iOS for a couple of years now. They are a type of tiles that serve to provide more information about the app they represent. With them, you can do the following:

  • Create a weather widget to see the current weather status, with location, temperature and status.
  • There is a smart stack that rotates the displayed widget based on a series of parameters from our regular use. You can customize which widgets you want to appear or not.
  • Third-party apps can also create their own widgets. Check which apps you have that already offer it.
  • There are apps like Widgetsmith that allow you to further customize these types of functions. Take a look to see what the possibilities are.

Use Shortcuts to automate functions on your iPhone

Shortcuts is one of the apps with the most possibilities on your new iPhone. Give it a chance to create automatic functions that require a multitude of intermediate steps and can be completed in no time. Among the most useful we have the following:

  • Create a timer that activates do not disturb mode to help you unwind.
  • Make a GIF with the camera.
  • Generate a PDF from almost anything.
  • Create your own mockups with your iPhone screenshots automatically, essential for making tutorials or showing your app.
  • Download Twitter videos at high quality.
  • Convert a PNG photo to JPG.
  • Create app shortcuts with a custom icon.
  • Create folders in Shortcuts to save and group your shortcuts.

Another 13 tricks and extra functions to get the most out of your new iPhone

  • For users with several family members who have an iPhone or iPad, Apple One is a good option to save on Apple subscriptions.
  • The Measurements app offers the ‘Pro’ iPhone the possibility of measuring any object precisely thanks to its LiDAR sensor.
  • Don’t crush your iPhone’s battery by avoiding these 9 mistakes.
  • Take photos with your voice using iOS Accessibility settings. A very little-known trick that prevents you from having to press the button.
  • Accessibility options also allow you to customize a back tap on your iPhone to do a certain action. Take a look at it because it is very useful.
  • For those who use an email app or browser other than Apple’s, you can set them as default from iOS 14. See it in the app settings.
  • Have Siri notify you when your iPhone has a 100% recharged battery.
  • Show the COVID passport with Siri using a shortcut.
  • Prevent apps from tracking your activity with this privacy setting.
  • In Messages you can now leave one or more conversations pinned to the top. This way you can have easy access to whoever you talk to most on a daily basis.
  • Have your iPhone alert you to certain noises, such as a car siren, an alarm, a doorbell, and even breaking glass. You can do this from Settings > Accessibility > Sounds and activate ‘Sound Recognition’.
  • On an iPhone with Face ID, drag one finger down from the bottom edge to zoom in on the top of the screen.
  • Night mode is great, but it’s even better if you alternate it with light mode. There’s a button in Settings > Display & Brightness to customize your automation. You can choose a time or do it with sunset and sunrise.
  • Sleep better with iPhone background sounds configurable from the accessibility settings panel.
  • Activate and monitor the apps’ privacy report to know what data they use about you.

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