6 Bullets (2012)

IMDb 6.0

“6 Bullets” is a 2012 action thriller movie directed by Ernie Barbarash and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Joe Flanigan, and Bianca Bree. The film follows a former mercenary and expert in finding missing children, Samson Gaul (played by Van Damme), who is hired to rescue a young girl who has been abducted by a sex trafficking ring.

As Gaul tracks down the girl and her captors, he uncovers a dark and disturbing world of human trafficking, and must use all of his skills to save the girl and take down the criminals responsible.

The film explores themes of exploitation and abuse, and highlights the plight of victims of human trafficking. It also showcases Van Damme’s skills as an action star, featuring several intense fight scenes and high-speed chases.

While “6 Bullets” received mixed reviews from critics, it was praised for its social message and the way it sheds light on the serious issue of human trafficking.

Duration: 115 min.


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