A Perfect Ending (2012)

IMDb 5.6

“A Perfect Ending” is a 2012 romantic drama film directed by Nicole Conn and starring Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark. The film tells the story of a successful, married woman named Rebecca (played by Barbara Niven) who is struggling with her sexuality and decides to hire a female escort named Paris (played by Jessica Clark) to help her explore her desires.

The film explores themes of sexuality, identity, and love, and delves into the complexities of relationships and self-discovery. The performances by the lead actresses are strong, and the chemistry between them is palpable, making for a convincing and emotionally resonant portrayal of their relationship.

While “A Perfect Ending” may not be for everyone, particularly those who are uncomfortable with depictions of same-sex relationships or sexual content, it is a well-crafted and thought-provoking film that tackles important themes in a sensitive and nuanced way.

“A Perfect Ending” is a powerful and emotional film that challenges societal norms and expectations surrounding sexuality and relationships. It is a great watch for those interested in exploring complex and thought-provoking themes related to identity and love.

Duration: 110 min.


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