A Princess for Christmas (2011)

“A Princess for Christmas” is a 2011 Christmas-themed romantic comedy film directed by Michael Damian and starring Katie McGrath, Sam Heughan, and Roger Moore. The movie follows Jules Daly (Katie McGrath), a young woman who takes on the responsibility of caring for her niece and nephew after their parents pass away.

When Jules receives an invitation for her and the children to spend Christmas at a castle in Europe, she decides to accept, hoping that the trip will provide some much-needed joy and excitement for her family. Upon arriving at the castle, Jules and the children are introduced to the castle’s owner, the handsome and charming Prince Ashton (Sam Heughan), who immediately forms a connection with Jules.

As Jules and the children settle into the castle’s festive atmosphere, they must also contend with the expectations and traditions of royal life, as well as the disapproval of Ashton’s controlling and overbearing mother, the Dowager Duchess (played by Roger Moore).

“Princess for Christmas” is a heartwarming and feel-good holiday movie that has become a beloved favorite among fans of the genre. The film’s charming cast, festive setting, and romantic storyline make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit.

Duration: 91 min.

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