At Middleton (2013)

“At Middleton” is a 2013 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Adam Rodgers and starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga.

The film follows two strangers, George and Edith, who meet while taking their children on a tour of Middleton College. As they wander around the campus, George and Edith begin to connect and find that they have a lot in common, despite their very different backgrounds.

As the day goes on, George and Edith explore the campus and their feelings for each other deepen. However, they soon realize that their time together is limited and they must return to their own lives. Over the course of the film, both characters confront their own personal struggles and must decide whether or not to take a chance on love.

“At Middleton” received generally positive reviews for its charming performances by Garcia and Farmiga and its sweet, romantic story. It was praised for its ability to capture the magic of falling in love, even later in life, and for its exploration of themes like regret, second chances, and the importance of living in the present moment.

Duration: 99 min.

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