Beginners (2010)

IMDb 7.2

“Beginners” is a 2010 independent comedy-drama movie written and directed by Mike Mills. The movie follows the story of Oliver, a man in his thirties who is struggling to come to terms with the recent death of his father, Hal, who came out as gay at the age of 75.

The movie is known for its unique and non-linear narrative structure, which weaves together flashbacks of Hal’s life and relationship with Oliver’s own journey of self-discovery. The movie features strong performances from its cast, including Ewan McGregor as Oliver, Christopher Plummer as Hal, and Melanie Laurent as Anna, a woman who Oliver begins to fall in love with.

Throughout the course of the movie, Oliver grapples with the complicated emotions that come with mourning his father and discovering a new side of him that he never knew existed. The movie is a poignant and heartfelt exploration of family, love, and the complexities of human relationships.

“Beginners” was critically acclaimed upon its release, and earned numerous awards and nominations, including an Academy Award for Christopher Plummer’s performance. The movie is a touching and insightful portrait of a family in transition, and a testament to the power of love and acceptance.

Duration: 105 min.


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