Bernie (2011)

IMDb 6.8

“Bernie” is a dark comedy film directed by Richard Linklater and released in 2011. The movie is based on the true story of Bernie Tiede (played by Jack Black), a beloved mortician in a small Texas town who befriends and then murders a wealthy widow, Marjorie Nugent (played by Shirley MacLaine).

The film is notable for its unique blend of comedy and tragedy, as well as the outstanding performances by Black and MacLaine. Black delivers a charming and sympathetic portrayal of Bernie, while MacLaine is excellent as the cold and unlikable Marjorie.

The movie also features interviews with real-life residents of the town where the events took place, which adds a unique and authentic touch to the story. Overall, “Bernie” is a smart and entertaining film that explores themes of morality, greed, and small-town life. The movie’s blend of comedy and drama make it a must-see for fans of dark comedies and those interested in true crime stories.

Duration: 104 min.


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