Born to Race (2011)

IMDb 5.9

“Born to Race” is a 2011 action sports film directed by Alex Ranarivelo. The movie follows Danny Krueger, a rebellious high school student with a talent for street racing. After a run-in with the law, Danny is forced to compete in a racing program for young drivers instead of going to jail.

Danny struggles to adapt to the structured world of professional racing, where he must learn to work with a team and follow rules in order to succeed. He also faces competition from other talented drivers, including his rival, Jake Kendall, and must overcome personal demons to reach his full potential.

The film was praised for its fast-paced racing scenes and dynamic cinematography, but received mixed reviews for its predictable storyline and lack of character development. It features a cast that includes Joseph Cross, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brando Eaton, and Nicole Badaan.

“Born to Race” was followed by a sequel, “Born to Race: Fast Track,” in 2014, and a third film, “Born Racer,” in 2018, although the latter was not a direct sequel to the first two movies.

Duration: 99 min.


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