Children of Men (2006)

IMDb 7.9

Children of Men is a 2006 BritishAmerican science fiction drama film directed and cowritten by Alfonso Cuarón. The film takes place in 2027, where humans are no longer able to reproduce and the world is on the brink of collapse. The story follows Theo Faron (Clive Owen), a former activist who is tasked with helping to protect a miraculously pregnant woman, Kee (ClareHope Ashitey), as they search for a safe haven in a chaotic world.

The film is a dystopian vision of a future world in which human civilization is on the brink of extinction. It explores themes of humanity, hope, despair, faith, and the importance of family. The film received critical acclaim and was nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama.

Duration: 109 min.


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