Citizen Gangster (2011)

IMDb 6.1

“Citizen Gangster” is a 2011 crime drama film directed by Nathan Morlando. The film is based on the true story of Edwin Boyd, a former World War II soldier and bank robber who became infamous in Toronto during the 1950s.

In the movie, Boyd, played by Scott Speedman, struggles to provide for his family in post-war Canada and turns to robbing banks. Despite his criminal activities, Boyd becomes a folk hero to the public and gains a following. However, he is pursued by the police, particularly by Detective Rhys, played by Brian Cox.

The film explores the psychological toll that Boyd’s criminal lifestyle takes on him, and his attempts to reconcile his personal life with his life of crime. The film received generally positive reviews for its performances and cinematography, with Speedman’s portrayal of Boyd being particularly praised.

“Citizen Gangster” also stars Kevin Durand, Kelly Reilly, and Charlotte Sullivan.

Original name: Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster

Duration: 105 min.


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