Cloud 9 (2014)

“Cloud 9” is a sports drama movie that was released in 2014. It was directed by Paul Hoen and stars Dove Cameron, Luke Benward, and Kiersey Clemons.

The story follows a teenage snowboarder named Kayla Morgan (played by Dove Cameron) who was once a rising star but suffers a devastating fall during a competition. She becomes a laughingstock in the snowboarding community and is forced to work as a dishwasher at a ski resort run by former snowboarding champion Will Cloud (played by Luke Benward).

Will sees potential in Kayla and offers to train her for an upcoming snowboarding competition. Despite her lack of confidence and the doubts of those around her, Kayla begins to improve and discovers a love for snowboarding that goes beyond winning.

The movie deals with themes of perseverance, friendship, and overcoming obstacles. It features impressive snowboarding stunts and has a positive message about the importance of following your dreams. The film received mixed reviews from critics but was a ratings success, with over 4 million viewers tuning in for its premiere on the Disney Channel.

Duration: 85 min.

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