Courageous (2011)

Courageous is a 2011 American Christian drama film directed by Alex Kendrick and produced by Sherwood Pictures. The film follows four police officers, Adam, Nathan, David, and Shane, who struggle to balance their demanding careers with their responsibilities as fathers and husbands.

When tragedy strikes one of their families, the four men come together to face their fears and shortcomings, and make a commitment to be better fathers and role models to their children.

The film explores themes of fatherhood, family, faith, and redemption, and offers a powerful and emotional message about the importance of being present and engaged in the lives of one’s children.

Courageous received mixed reviews from critics, with praise directed towards its positive message and heartfelt performances, but criticism directed towards its heavy-handed approach and simplistic characterizations. However, the film was a commercial success, grossing over $34 million against a budget of $2 million.

Overall, Courageous is a heartfelt and inspiring film that is sure to resonate with Christian audiences, as well as anyone who values the importance of family and the impact that parents can have on the lives of their children.

Duration: 129 min.

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