Emelie (2015)

Emelie is a 2015 horror-thriller film directed by Michael Thelin and written by Richard Raymond and Harry Herbeck. The film stars Sarah Bolger as Emelie, a disturbed babysitter who wreaks havoc on a family’s home and children.

The story follows Dan and Joyce, a couple who hire Emelie to babysit their three children while they go out for their anniversary. However, as the night wears on, Emelie’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre and disturbing, leading the children to suspect that she is not who she claims to be.

As the night progresses, Emelie’s true intentions become clear, and the children must fight to protect themselves and their home from the deranged babysitter.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Sarah Bolger’s performance and the film’s unsettling atmosphere, while others criticized the film’s slow pace and lack of originality. Despite the mixed reception, Emelie has gained a small cult following among horror fans for its tense and disturbing portrayal of a babysitter gone rogue.

Duration: 82 min.

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