Fast Five (2011)

IMDb 7.3

“Fast Five” is an action film released in 2011, directed by Justin Lin and produced by Universal Pictures. It is the fifth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise and stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson in the lead roles.

The film follows Dom (Diesel), Brian (Walker), and their crew as they plan a heist in Rio de Janeiro and attempt to evade the pursuit of a ruthless federal agent (Johnson). Along the way, they reunite with familiar characters from the previous films, including Jordana Brewster as Mia and Tyrese Gibson as Roman, and engage in thrilling car chases, shootouts, and fight scenes.

“Fast Five” was praised by critics and audiences for its high-octane action sequences, impressive stunts, and the chemistry between the ensemble cast. The film also marks a shift in the franchise’s tone, as it moves away from its street racing roots and towards a more heist-centric plotline.

The film was a box office success, grossing over $626 million worldwide, and became the highest-grossing film in the franchise at the time of its release. It also spawned several sequels, including “Fast & Furious 6,” “Furious 7,” “The Fate of the Furious,” and “F9.”

Duration: 130 min.


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