Footloose (2011)

“Footloose” is a musical drama film released in 2011 and directed by Craig Brewer. The movie is a remake of the 1984 film of the same name and tells the story of a city boy named Ren McCormack (played by Kenny Wormald) who moves to a small town where dancing and rock music have been banned.

Ren, along with his new friend Willard (played by Miles Teller), decides to challenge the town’s strict laws and organize a senior prom, where they can dance freely and express themselves through music.

The film features a cast of young actors, including Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore, the daughter of the town’s strict reverend (played by Dennis Quaid), and features new versions of classic songs from the original film, as well as new original songs.

“Footloose” received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the high-energy dance numbers and the chemistry between the lead actors, while others criticized the film’s lack of originality and the uneven pacing of the story.

Despite mixed critical reception, “Footloose” was a modest commercial success, grossing over $63 million worldwide. The film has since gained a following among fans of musical dramas and those nostalgic for the 1980s classic.

Duration: 113 min.

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