Gimme Shelter (2013)

“Gimme Shelter” is a drama film released in 2013, directed by Ron Krauss. The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, and James Earl Jones.

The film follows the story of a pregnant teenager named Apple (played by Vanessa Hudgens) who has been living on the streets and dealing with a drug-addicted mother (played by Rosario Dawson). After running away from her mother’s abusive boyfriend, Apple seeks refuge at a shelter for pregnant teens run by a kind-hearted chaplain (played by James Earl Jones). Through the support of the shelter staff and other pregnant teens, Apple begins to turn her life around and make a better future for herself and her unborn child.

“Gimme Shelter” is inspired by true events and sheds light on the issue of teenage pregnancy and homelessness. The film received mixed reviews from critics, but Vanessa Hudgens’ performance was praised for her portrayal of a troubled teenager struggling to overcome her circumstances.

Duration: 101 min.

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