Grabbers (2012)

IMDb 6.3

“Grabbers” is a 2012 Irish-British horror-comedy film directed by Jon Wright and written by Kevin Lehane. The movie follows two police officers, Lisa Nolan and Ciarán O’Shea, who team up to protect their small coastal town from a mysterious sea creature that feeds on human blood.

The creature is discovered to be vulnerable to alcohol, and the townspeople and police officers start a plan to get everyone drunk to fend off the creature’s attacks. The film features elements of horror, comedy, and science fiction, and received positive reviews for its humor and creative premise.

“Grabbers” stars Richard Coyle as Ciarán O’Shea, Ruth Bradley as Lisa Nolan, and Russell Tovey as Dr. Adam Smith. The movie was released in Ireland in August 2012, and later in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Duration: 94 min.


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