Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party (2015)

“Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party” is an independent drama film released in 2015. The film was directed and written by Stephen Cone and stars Cole Doman, Joe Keery, and Elizabeth Laidlaw.

The film takes place over the course of one day, during the 17th birthday party of Henry Gamble (played by Doman), a young man who is questioning his sexuality. The party is attended by Henry’s family, including his parents, who are both devout Christians and leaders in their church, as well as his friends, many of whom are also struggling with their own issues of identity and faith.

Throughout the course of the party, tensions arise and secrets are revealed, as Henry and his guests navigate their way through a variety of complex social and emotional situations. The film explores themes of sexuality, religion, and the challenges of growing up in a conservative community.

“Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party” received positive reviews from critics, who praised the film’s nuanced portrayal of its characters and its thoughtful exploration of difficult subject matter. The film was noted for its strong performances and its sensitive treatment of themes that are often difficult to address in mainstream cinema.

Duration: 87 min.

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