Hick (2011)

IMDb 5.5

“Hick” is a movie directed by Derick Martini and released in 2011. The movie is a coming-of-age drama based on the novel of the same name by Andrea Portes.

The story follows a 13-year-old girl named Luli McMullen, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, who runs away from her Nebraska home in search of a more exciting life. Along the way, she meets a drifter named Eddie, played by Eddie Redmayne, and a grifter named Glenda, played by Blake Lively. Luli becomes enamored with their glamorous lifestyle but soon realizes that their world is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

“Hick” received mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising the performances of the cast while others found the film to be too dark and exploitative. Nonetheless, it remains a notable entry in the coming-of-age drama genre and a showcase for the talents of its young stars.

Duration: 99 min.


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