Hidden Features of the iPhone 15!

Numerous new features have arrived with the new iOS 16. Aspects such as the ability to adapt the home screen, editing numerous images with a single gesture or optimizing focus modes. In the midst of all this, it is possible to overlook minor adjustments, hidden modifications that allow us to further explore the capabilities of our iPhone.

Useful details in more than one circumstance

Each new iteration of the operating system brings with it a variety of additional options to customize our iPhone. iOS 16 is no exception, so it’s useful to go over a selection of the 15 most notable tweaks, whether they were introduced with this version or have been available for years.

Search images in Spotlight

A feature that was mentioned during WWDC, but has received little attention. Now we can explore our images with Spotlight, we simply need to type what we are looking for and tap “Show more” next to Photos in the apps.

Explore menus effortlessly

After going into options as deep as [Settings] > [General] > [Keyboard] > [Keyboards] > [Add New Keyboard], the easiest way to go back, instead of tapping back four or five times, is to hold pressed the back button. This will display a menu in which we can select where we want to return to.

To modify the date and time of an image

From the Photos application, we can open any image and, while viewing it, press the “i” for information. Then, we tap Adjust next to the capture date to edit it.

To delete duplicate images

We access the Photos application, then the Albums tab and finally select Duplicates. Here we have the option to combine several images to eliminate one of the duplicates and join the metadata into a single photograph.

To use the keyboard as a trackpad

While composing text, we simply hold down the space bar to turn the entire keyboard into a trackpad, allowing us to easily move the cursor wherever we want.

By combining the usage time of all our devices:

Within Settings > Screen Time, we can enable the Sharing function between devices on all the devices we use, thus allowing us to obtain an integrated perspective of the use of the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Showing the battery charge level in the status bar is something that we can enable from the Settings > Battery > Battery percentage section to more accurately display the charging status.

Create our own custom vibes

By going to Settings > Sound and vibrations and selecting the tone we want to modify, we can choose Vibration (default) and then Create new vibration to design a custom one.

Modify text size for a specific application

From Settings > Accessibility > Settings by app, we can choose an app and then, by tapping on Larger text, we can adjust the text size just for that app, without affecting the rest of the system.

Assign a focus mode to a specific background

In iOS 16, we have the ability to link a focus mode with a specific background so that when the mode is activated, the background is modified or vice versa. This process is carried out through the Settings > Focus modes path. There, we select the option of our interest and then click on Choose below the lock screen.

Talk via FaceTime with Windows or Android users

From the FaceTime app, we select “Create Link” and share it with any individual or group. At the agreed time, we will all be able to join the conversation also from Windows or Android devices and enjoy a secure call with end-to-end encryption.

Activate Do Not Disturb Until We Leave Mode

Within the Control Center, we simply touch the focus options button (located on the right side) and press the three dots next to Do not disturb (or any other status). Then, we select the option Until I leave here.

By tapping the back section of the iPhone, you can activate specific features: in Settings > Accessibility > Tap > Tap Back, you can select which action to perform by tapping twice or triple on the back of the phone.

Modify Control Center

From Settings > Control Center*, we have the ability to add and remove shortcuts while also being able to rearrange them.

Recognize plants, creatures and other natural elements

After taking a photo, we simply open the image and tap the “i” for information that has a small asterisk. From here, we can tap the icon in the center of the screen to have Siri tell us what type of vegetable or creature we are looking at.

The list could go on, and much more, since the variety of small resources available on our iPhone is enormous. Details that, once we know them, can be extremely useful in many situations.


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