Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

IMDb 6.4

“Hot Tub Time Machine” is a 2010 comedy film directed by Steve Pink and starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. The film follows four middle-aged friends who, after a night of heavy drinking in a hot tub, wake up in 1986, reliving a fateful weekend from their youth.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, but has since gained a cult following for its outrageous humor and nostalgia for the 1980s. It was followed by a sequel, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” in 2015.

In addition to its comedic elements, the film also explores themes of regret, second chances, and the power of friendship. Overall, “Hot Tub Time Machine” is a fun and irreverent romp through time that will appeal to fans of 80s nostalgia and raunchy comedy.

Duration: 101 min.


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