Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is a 2016 adventure comedy-drama film directed by Taika Waititi. The movie is based on the book “Wild Pork and Watercress” by Barry Crump.

The film follows the story of Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison), a troubled young boy who is placed in the care of a new foster family in rural New Zealand. When circumstances force him to run away into the bush, his foster uncle Hector (Sam Neill) goes after him, and the two become the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

As they evade capture and navigate the wilderness, Ricky and Hector form a close bond and learn important lessons about family, friendship, and survival.

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” received widespread critical acclaim, with praise for its humor, heart, and strong performances from the cast, particularly from Dennison and Neill. The movie was also a commercial success, becoming the highest-grossing New Zealand film of all time.

Duration: 101 min.

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