I Kill Giants (2017)

“I Kill Giants” is a 2017 American fantasy drama film directed by Anders Walter and written by Joe Kelly, based on his own graphic novel of the same name. The film stars Madison Wolfe as Barbara Thorson, a young girl who escapes from her real-life problems by retreating into a fantasy world where she fights giant monsters.

The film follows Barbara, a social outcast who believes that she is the only one who can see the giant monsters threatening her town. She spends her time creating traps and weapons to fight the giants and protect her loved ones. However, her obsession with the giants causes her to push away her family and friends, including her new school counselor, Mrs. Molle (played by Zoe Saldana), who tries to help her confront her real-life struggles.

As the story unfolds, the audience is left to wonder whether the giants are real or if they exist only in Barbara’s imagination, and whether her battle against them is really a metaphor for her inner struggles with grief and loss. The film has received generally positive reviews for its emotional depth and Madison Wolfe’s performance as Barbara.

Duration: 106 min.

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