Incredible Concept Cars of 2024

Lincoln L100

The Lincoln company, which, by the way, is celebrating its centennial, introduced a driverless electric concept called the L100 in honor of this. This novelty reflects the brand’s traditions and at the same time shows the vision of the brand’s future electric cars, which will be launched in the coming decades.

The design of the concept was created on the basis of the historic 1922 Lincoln Model L, an advance and the most modern model of those years, which was made after Lincoln joined Ford.

In the L100 electric concept, the roof is all glass, combined with the rear window, and the doors that open against the direction of travel, together with the lighting equipment, participate in the “welcome program”, opening the car like a box.

The “welcome symphony” continues in the cabin: it is provided by a screen in the central tunnel and a huge digital panel built into the floor, which could hardly have been seen in at least a similar concept before.

The L100 model does not have the usual pedals and steering wheel. The only control body is a glass figure, and for more comfortable communication with passengers in the second row, the front seats can easily be converted into a bench by removing the backrests.

Lexus Electrified Sport

The Lexus Electrified Sport is one of thirty electric models that Toyota and Lexus plan to launch by 2030. For the first time, the concept of the future flagship of the electric line appeared before the public in December last year during the presentation of the strategy of future development of Toyota Motor. Since then, Lexus has been gradually revealing information about the Electrified Sport.

The project’s chief engineer, Takashi Watanabe, shared details about the new product. According to him, an electric sports car will give its owners the same feeling as driving gasoline supercars.

In particular, the Electrified Sport will be equipped with an emulator of a mechanical gearbox with a classic gear lever and a clutch pedal. Its operation will be accompanied by a detailed sound that simulates the operation of an internal combustion engine and clicks when changing gears. Even the developers have provided an imitation of a power flow interruption, like a real “three-pedal” car. And with careless handling of the clutch followed by sharp power supply, the driver will experience the same sensations as in a car that has really stalled. According to the company, the emulator for Electrified Sport is already working on the Lexus UX 300e, an electric crossover.

The future flagship will be based on a completely new platform. Also promised is a carbon-reinforced plastic body, racing suspension settings and wire control, like the production Lexus RZ. In addition, there will be no mechanical connection with the wheels not only in the steering wheel, but also in the brakes. Previously, such a solution had not been used in any production road models from Toyota and Lexus.

No information has been revealed about the Lexus Electrified Sport’s power plant. It is only known that the sports car will be four-wheel drive. The electric car will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 2.0 seconds. Also expected is a revolutionary solid-state battery capable of providing a significant power range.

Delage D12

The Speedster version, although lower in height, still has a windshield installed. At the same time, a roof is not provided, even in the form of removable hard panels or at least a soft roof.

The F1 variant is even more extreme; instead of a windshield, only a small windshield is available, and for an additional cost, you can equip the supercar with a protective arch in the style of modern Formula 1 cars and order Delage-style helmets for the driver and passengers.

The renunciation of the ceiling does not imply technical changes. As a reminder, the Delage D12 is equipped with a 7.6-liter V12 engine and an electric motor, which, depending on the version, produces 900 or 990 horsepower, and the total power can reach 1010 horsepower. An 8-speed robotic gearbox complements the hybrid power plant.

Project Mondo G

The first photos of the Project Mondo G concept car have been published. The unconventional version of Gelendwagen was created especially for High Fashion Week in London. This has been reported on the official website of the German brand.

The unusual tuning of the Gelendwagen was carried out jointly by Mercedes-Benz and the Swiss fashion house Moncler. The concept car was unveiled as part of the “Art of Genius” show featuring Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys.

The old first-generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class was taken as a basis for the project. They decided to make him a kind of silver jacket.

The roof and huge tires of the Mercedes G-Class imitate an inflatable jacket, and a gigantic lightning bolt appeared on the roof. The SUV grew to 4.6 meters in length, 3.4 meters in width and 2.8 meters in height, and its mass increased to 2.5 tons.

This is not the first time that Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with fashion designers. Previously, Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh developed an exclusive Project Maybach electric car for the German group.

Genesis X Convertible

During Genesis vice president and creative director Luke Donkervolke’s speech at the brand’s annual dealer meeting, it was announced that the company intends to put the X Convertible into production. Although the task of the show car was initially a demonstration of the brand’s future, there was no talk of the prospects for series production.

The Genesis X Convertible is the third concept in the X series. The first was the Genesis 2022, and the future flagship appeared before the public in November of the same year.

Like the previous two show cars, the X Convertible is designed in the style of Ultimate Athletic Elegance, the main element of which is the “two solid lines”. In particular, the car has LED headlights and Quad lamps in the form of stripes. The front ones reach into the doors and form an inverted triangle instead of the traditional Crest grille. There is currently no information on the power units of the electric vehicle.

According to preliminary data, the Genesis X Convertible will be launched in a limited edition and will cost between $200,000 and $300,000. According to Peter Lanzavecchia, president of the Genesis National Dealer Advisory Council, when the brand’s convertible appears on the market, it will be able to eclipse even the Bentley Continental GTC.

As stated above, by 2025, Genesis plans to complete the development of vehicles with internal combustion engines and, by 2030, become a fully electric brand.

Hopium Machina Vision

Emmanuel Macron visited the Paris Motor Show. Although there were quite a few novelties from famous French brands at the exhibition, the Machina Vision concept from the startup Hopium attracted the most attention from the president. Video from the auto show was posted on the company’s Twitter page.

The French president got behind the wheel of the Hopium Machina Vision and was impressed. Later, he discussed the prospects of launching an innovative car into production with the startup’s founder, former racing driver Olivier Lombard.

The Hopium Machina Vision electric car is planned to be produced at the plant in the French city of Vernon from 2025. The luxury competitor Tesla Model S and the Mercedes-Benz EQS were valued at 120,000 euros.

The new Hopium Machina Vision is a four-seat F-class sports sedan with an elegant futuristic design. It has an elongated silhouette with a long hood and a sloping roof.

Leather and Alcantara are used in the interior decoration of the electric car. The devices are displayed on a thin screen.

The French electric car is equipped with two motors with a total power of 500 HP and accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Instead of a battery, the Hopium Machina Vision is equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, and the fuel reserve is enough to travel 1000 km.


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