Iron Sky (2012)

IMDb 5.9

Iron Sky is a science-fiction comedy film directed by Timo Vuorensola and released in 2012. The film tells the story of a group of Nazis who fled to the moon after the end of World War II and have been secretly building a space fleet in preparation for their return to Earth.

In the film, the United States sends a manned mission to the moon in the year 2018, and the astronauts stumble upon the Nazi base. The Nazis capture the astronauts and use their technology to launch an attack on Earth.

The film stars Julia Dietze, Götz Otto, and Udo Kier, and features special effects by the visual effects company, Energia Productions.

Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, it has gained a cult following for its quirky premise and over-the-top action scenes. It has since spawned a sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race, released in 2019.

Duration: 93 min.


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