Jesus Henry Christ (2011)

IMDb 6.4

“Jesus Henry Christ” is a comedy-drama film released in 2011, directed by Dennis Lee. The movie follows the story of Henry James Herman (played by Jason Spevack), a child prodigy who was conceived through in vitro fertilization and raised by his single mother, Patricia Herman (played by Toni Collette).

As Henry grows up, he becomes curious about his biological father and sets out on a journey to find him. Along the way, he meets a quirky cast of characters, including his half-sister Audrey (played by Samantha Weinstein) and her free-spirited mother, played by Michael Sheen.

The film explores themes of family, identity, and individuality, as Henry navigates the challenges of growing up and finding his place in the world. It received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the performances of the cast and the film’s offbeat humor, while others criticized its uneven tone and lack of depth.

Despite its mixed reception, “Jesus Henry Christ” remains a popular film among fans of indie comedies, and is often cited as an example of the genre’s ability to blend humor and heart in a unique and unconventional way.

Duration: 92 min.


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