Kid Cannabis (2014)

Kid Cannabis (2014): A True Story of Marijuana Entrepreneurship and Its Consequences

“Kid Cannabis,” directed by John Stockwell, is a biographical crime-drama released in 2014. Based on a true story, the film follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who become involved in a large-scale marijuana smuggling operation, highlighting the allure and consequences of illicit entrepreneurship.

A Budding Business Venture

The story revolves around Nate Norman (Jonathan Daniel Brown), a high school dropout who, together with his best friend Topher (Kenny Wormald), embarks on a journey to create a marijuana empire. Starting small with local marijuana distribution, their operation expands when they establish connections with a notorious drug cartel and begin smuggling vast amounts of marijuana across the Canadian border.

The Allure of Fast Money and the Dark Side of the Trade

“Kid Cannabis” explores the allure of quick wealth and the consequences that come with it. As Nate and his friends amass significant profits, they become entangled in a dangerous world of drugs, greed, and violence. The film offers a cautionary tale, showcasing the impact of illegal activities and the risks associated with pursuing easy money.

Friendship and Betrayal

At its core, “Kid Cannabis” is a story about friendship and the strains that success and criminal activities can put on even the closest relationships. The film delves into the tensions that arise within the group as their ambitions grow and the consequences of their choices become more severe.

Exploration of Youth Culture and Entrepreneurship

The film provides a glimpse into youth culture and the allure of entrepreneurship. It examines the motivations and desires of young individuals seeking to carve their own paths and achieve financial success outside of traditional means. “Kid Cannabis” offers insights into the choices and risks associated with unconventional business ventures.

Based on True Events

“Kid Cannabis” is based on the real-life story of Nate Norman and his marijuana smuggling operation. The film draws inspiration from actual events, adding an additional layer of intrigue and authenticity to the narrative.


“Kid Cannabis” is a biographical crime-drama that delves into the allure of illegal entrepreneurship and the consequences that follow. With its exploration of friendship, the dark side of the drug trade, and the risks associated with pursuing fast money, the film provides a cautionary tale based on true events. If you are interested in stories that shed light on the complexities of youth culture and the consequences of illicit activities, “Kid Cannabis” is a film that offers a captivating and thought-provoking experience.

Duration: 110 min.

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