Life! Camera Action… (2012)

IMDb 8.7

“Life! Camera Action…” is an independent film directed by Rohit Gupta, released in 2012. The movie follows the journey of an aspiring Indian-American filmmaker, Diya (played by Diya Mirza), who is determined to make a feature film despite the obstacles in her path.

Diya faces numerous challenges as a woman of color in the male-dominated film industry, including funding issues, cultural barriers, and personal struggles. The movie also explores themes of family, identity, and the immigrant experience, as Diya navigates her relationship with her conservative parents and tries to reconcile her Indian heritage with her American dreams.

“Life! Camera Action…” is notable for being one of the few independent films to address the experiences of Indian-Americans in the film industry. The movie was praised for its realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by aspiring filmmakers, as well as its authentic representation of the Indian-American community.

Overall, “Life! Camera Action…” is a heartfelt and inspiring film that celebrates the power of perseverance and the importance of following one’s dreams, despite the obstacles in one’s path.

Duration: 90 min.


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