Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (2014)

“Mythica: A Quest for Heroes” is a 2014 American high fantasy film directed by Anne K. Black and written by Anne K. Black, Jason Faller, and Kynan Griffin. It is the first installment in the “Mythica” series, which consists of five films.

The film follows the story of Marek (played by Melanie Stone), a young aspiring magician with a troubled past. She dreams of escaping her drab life and embarks on an epic quest with a team of adventurers. The group sets off to rescue Teela’s (Nicola Posener) sister from an ogre. Teela is a priestess who Marek rescued early in the movie.

Along the journey, Marek learns more about her mysterious past and discovers her potential as a natural-born necromancer. The other members of the group include a handsome swordsman and a wisecracking half-elf.

“Mythica: A Quest for Heroes”, while produced on a low budget, has been recognized for its engaging storytelling and characters, particularly for its female lead. The film is a blend of adventure, magic, and fantasy, which will appeal to fans of the genre.

Duration: 92 min.

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