Planes (2013)

“Planes” is a computer-animated adventure film that was released in 2013. It was produced by DisneyToon Studios and directed by Klay Hall. The movie is a spin-off of the popular Pixar film “Cars” and is set in the same world as the “Cars” franchise.

The film follows the story of Dusty Crophopper, a crop duster plane who dreams of competing in a famous aerial race around the world. However, Dusty’s fear of heights and lack of speed make his dream seem impossible. With the help of his friends, including a forklift named Dottie and a fuel truck named Chug, Dusty begins to train for the race.

Along the way, Dusty meets a variety of characters, including a Mexican plane named El Chupacabra, a British plane named Bulldog, and a female plane named Ishani. As Dusty trains and competes in the race, he learns valuable lessons about perseverance, courage, and the importance of friendship.

“Planes” received mixed reviews from critics but was a commercial success, grossing over $239 million worldwide. The film also spawned a sequel, “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” which was released in 2014.

Duration: 91 min.

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