Rampart (2011)

“Rampart” is a crime drama film directed by Oren Moverman, released in 2011. The movie features an ensemble cast including Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Foster, and Robin Wright.

The story takes place in Los Angeles in the late 1990s and follows Dave Brown (Harrelson), a corrupt police officer who patrols the city’s Rampart division. Brown is known for his brutal tactics and has a reputation for bending the rules to get what he wants. However, his life begins to unravel when he is caught on camera beating a suspect and is exposed for his corrupt actions.

As Brown struggles to maintain his position within the police department, he also tries to reconnect with his ex-wife and daughters. He becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a defense attorney (Wright) while also trying to keep his life from falling apart.

The film was praised for its raw, gritty portrayal of police corruption and the toll it takes on both the officers involved and the communities they serve. Harrelson’s performance was particularly lauded, with many critics calling it one of the best of his career. However, some viewers found the film slow-paced and lacking in plot, while others criticized its bleak and pessimistic tone.

Duration: 108 min.

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