Seventh Son (2014)

“Seventh Son” is a fantasy action film directed by Sergei Bodrov and released in 2014. The film is based on the novel “The Spook’s Apprentice” by Joseph Delaney and stars Ben Barnes as Tom Ward, a young man who is apprenticed to a “Spook” (played by Jeff Bridges), a warrior who fights evil supernatural beings.

The film takes place in a world where witches, ghosts, and other dark creatures roam the land. When an evil witch named Mother Malkin (played by Julianne Moore) escapes from her prison, Tom and his master are called upon to stop her before she can unleash her full power and destroy the world.

As Tom and his master set out on their quest, they encounter a variety of magical creatures and supernatural foes, including shape-shifters and giant beasts. Along the way, Tom must also come to terms with his own destiny and the power he possesses.

“Seventh Son” received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its visual effects and action sequences but criticized its convoluted plot and lack of originality. Despite its flaws, the film offers an entertaining and immersive fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Duration: 102 min.

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