Sleepwalk with Me (2012)

“Sleepwalk with Me” is a 2012 American independent comedy-drama film written, directed, and starring Mike Birbiglia, based on his one-man show and book of the same name.

The film follows the semi-autobiographical story of a struggling stand-up comedian named Matt Pandamiglio (Mike Birbiglia) who is trying to navigate his way through a failing career, a stagnant relationship, and a sleepwalking disorder that becomes increasingly dangerous.

As Matt’s life spirals out of control, he begins to use his own experiences as material for his comedy routine, which becomes increasingly popular. However, his relationship with his girlfriend Abby (Lauren Ambrose) becomes strained as he becomes more focused on his career and less attentive to their relationship.

As Matt’s sleepwalking becomes increasingly dangerous, he seeks medical help and begins to confront the deeper issues underlying his disorder and his life.

“Sleepwalk with Me” received critical acclaim for its witty and insightful humor, as well as its honest and sensitive portrayal of a struggling comedian and his personal and professional challenges. The film was praised for its authenticity and the relatable nature of its characters and situations. The film won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012.

Duration: 81 min.

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