SuperBob (2015)

SuperBob is a 2015 British romantic comedy superhero film written and directed by Jon Drever. The film stars Brett Goldstein as Bob, a mild-mannered postman who gains superpowers after being hit by a meteorite and becomes a national hero.

The story follows Bob as he navigates his newfound celebrity status and tries to balance his superhero duties with his personal life, including his love interest, Theresa (Natalia Tena).

The film was praised for its unique take on the superhero genre, blending elements of comedy and romance. Critics also praised Brett Goldstein’s performance as Bob, as well as the film’s supporting cast, which includes Catherine Tate and Laura Haddock.

Despite the positive critical reception, the film had a limited release and did not receive a wide audience. However, SuperBob has since gained a cult following among fans of the superhero genre and British comedy films.

Duration: 82 min.

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