Superman vs. The Elite (2012)

“Superman vs. The Elite” is a 2012 animated superhero film based on the comic book story “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?” by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke. The film was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment.

The story follows Superman as he becomes disillusioned with the violent methods of a group of superheroes called “The Elite,” who are celebrated by the public for their willingness to use lethal force against criminals. As Superman battles The Elite, he must confront the question of whether or not his non-lethal approach to fighting crime is still relevant in a world where violence seems to be the norm.

The film features the voice talents of George Newbern as Superman, Robin Atkin Downes as Manchester Black (the leader of The Elite), Pauley Perrette as Lois Lane, and Dee Bradley Baker as The Hat.

“Superman vs. The Elite” has been praised for its exploration of the philosophical and ethical questions surrounding Superman’s character and the role of violence in superhero stories. The film has also been noted for its impressive animation and action sequences.

Duration: 76 min.

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