Survivor (2015)

“Survivor” is a 2015 action thriller film directed by James McTeigue and starring Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, and Dylan McDermott. The movie follows the story of a foreign service officer named Kate Abbott (played by Milla Jovovich) who works for the American Embassy in London.

Kate is tasked with reviewing visa applications, but her job becomes more complicated when she discovers a terrorist plot to attack New York City. However, before she can stop the terrorists, she becomes the target of an assassination attempt and is forced to go on the run.

As she evades the terrorists and the police, Kate must rely on her survival skills and the help of a mysterious man named “The Watchmaker” (played by Pierce Brosnan) to clear her name and stop the terrorists.

The film received negative reviews from critics, who criticized the weak plot and lackluster action sequences. However, Jovovich’s performance was praised, and the movie was considered a decent enough action thriller for fans of the genre.

Duration: 96 min.

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