Temple Grandin (2010)

IMDb 8.2

“Temple Grandin” is a 2010 biographical drama movie directed by Mick Jackson and starring Claire Danes in the lead role. The movie is based on the true story of Temple Grandin, a woman with autism who revolutionized the livestock industry with her innovations in animal behavior.

The movie chronicles Grandin’s life from her childhood, where she struggled to fit in with her peers due to her autism, to her adulthood, where she became an accomplished scientist and inventor. Throughout the movie, Grandin’s unique perspective on the world is highlighted, as well as her struggles and triumphs in navigating a society that does not always understand her.

Claire Danes gives a standout performance as Grandin, perfectly capturing both her quirks and her brilliance. The movie also features solid supporting performances from Julia Ormond, Catherine O’Hara, and David Strathairn.

“Temple Grandin” is a moving and inspiring movie that celebrates neurodiversity and highlights the importance of accommodating individuals with different abilities. The movie’s depiction of Grandin’s life and accomplishments is both informative and entertaining, and serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation.

Duration: 107 min.


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