Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

“Texas Chainsaw 3D” is a horror movie that was released in 2013. It is the seventh installment in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise and serves as a direct sequel to the original 1974 film. The movie was directed by John Luessenhop and stars Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Trey Songz, and Tania Raymonde.

The film begins where the original 1974 film ends, with the Texas Rangers arriving at the Sawyer family home to apprehend the infamous Leatherface. During the ensuing standoff, the house is set on fire and the family is presumed dead, except for a baby girl who is found by a local couple.

Flash forward to present day, and the now-grown baby girl, Heather (Alexandra Daddario), inherits a Texas estate from a grandmother she never knew she had. She and her friends travel to Texas to claim the inheritance, but soon discover that Leatherface is still alive and living in the basement of the house.

As they try to escape, they are hunted down one by one by Leatherface and his family. Heather eventually learns the truth about her family’s past and must confront her own legacy as a member of the Sawyer family.

“Texas Chainsaw 3D” received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the movie’s nods to the original film and its attempts to continue the story, while others criticized the film’s reliance on horror movie tropes and predictable plot twists. Despite the mixed reception, the movie was a commercial success, grossing over $47 million worldwide on a $20 million budget.

Duration: 92 min.

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