That’s My Boy (2012)

“That’s My Boy” is a 2012 American comedy film directed by Sean Anders and starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.

The movie follows Donny Berger (played by Adam Sandler), a crude and immature man who became famous as a teenager after fathering a son, Todd Peterson (played by Andy Samberg), with his teacher. After many years of not seeing each other, Donny tries to reconnect with his estranged son on the eve of Todd’s wedding.

As Donny tries to reconnect with Todd, he also has to deal with the consequences of his past mistakes, including financial problems and legal issues.

The film received negative reviews from critics, who criticized the humor as being crude and juvenile, while others found it to be offensive and unfunny. Despite the negative reviews, the film was a moderate box office success, grossing over $57 million worldwide against its $70 million budget.

Duration: 116 min.

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