The Big Wedding (2013)

“The Big Wedding” is a 2013 romantic comedy film directed by Justin Zackham and starring an ensemble cast that includes Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Amanda Seyfried. The film follows the story of a dysfunctional family that comes together for a weekend wedding celebration, which leads to a series of mishaps and revelations.

The film received negative reviews from critics, with many criticizing the script and the film’s reliance on crude humor and tired clichés. Despite the negative reception, “The Big Wedding” performed moderately well at the box office, grossing over $40 million worldwide.

Overall, “The Big Wedding” is a forgettable and formulaic romantic comedy that fails to live up to the talent of its impressive cast. While it may provide some laughs and entertainment for fans of the genre, it ultimately falls short of its potential.

Duration: 89 min.

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