The Citizen (2012)

IMDb 6.8

“The Citizen” is a 2012 American drama film directed by Sam Kadi and starring Khaled Nabawy.

The film tells the story of Ibrahim, a Lebanese man who moves to the United States seeking a better life. After settling in New York City, Ibrahim encounters a series of challenges and obstacles as he tries to navigate a new culture and a foreign language. When he applies for U.S. citizenship, Ibrahim finds himself caught up in a web of bureaucracy and discrimination, as his Muslim background and Arabic heritage make him a target of suspicion and fear.

As Ibrahim struggles to prove his innocence and gain acceptance in his new home, he begins to form a bond with a young American woman, Diane, who helps him in his quest to become a citizen.

“The Citizen” is a powerful and moving film that deals with important themes of immigration, identity, and the struggle for acceptance in a new land. It received mixed reviews from critics, but was praised for its realistic and nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced by immigrants in America. The film is a thought-provoking and emotional drama that offers a unique perspective on the immigrant experience.

Duration: 99 min.


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