The Deposition (2012)

IMDb 8.6

“The Deposition” is a drama film directed by James L. Brooks and starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kelsey Grammer, and Téa Leoni. The movie follows a young lawyer named Mike (Eisenberg) who is tasked with deposing a wealthy businessman named Lou (Grammer) in a lawsuit against his company.

As Mike delves deeper into Lou’s personal life and business dealings, he discovers some troubling information that threatens to derail the lawsuit and potentially ruin his career. Meanwhile, he begins to develop feelings for Lou’s assistant, played by Leoni.

“The Deposition” explores themes of corporate corruption, ethical dilemmas, and the complexities of the legal system. The performances by Eisenberg and Grammer are strong, and the movie features a talented supporting cast.

While the movie received mixed reviews from critics, it remains an engaging and thought-provoking drama that is worth watching for fans of the genre.

Duration: 85 min.


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