The Entitled (2011)

IMDb 6.1

“The Entitled” is a crime thriller film released in 2011. It was directed by Aaron Woodley and stars Kevin Zegers, Ray Liotta, and Victor Garber.

The film follows Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers), a young man who comes from a wealthy family but is struggling to make a living. When his job application is rejected and he is rejected by his father, Paul decides to take matters into his own hands and hatch a plan to kidnap three wealthy college students for ransom.

Paul enlists the help of two of his friends and carries out the kidnapping, but soon finds himself in over his head as he tries to negotiate with the students’ wealthy fathers, including Clifford Jones (Ray Liotta) and Bob Vincent (Victor Garber). As tensions rise and the stakes get higher, Paul must navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse with both the police and the kidnappers’ families in order to get the ransom money and get out alive.

“The Entitled” explores themes of entitlement, desperation, and the lengths people will go to achieve their goals. With a strong cast and a gripping plot, it is a tense and thrilling crime drama that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Duration: 91 min.


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