The First Time (2012)

“The First Time” is a 2012 romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Jon Kasdan. The film follows two high school students, Dave (Dylan O’Brien) and Aubrey (Britt Robertson), as they meet and bond over a weekend together.

Dave is a high school senior who is in love with his best friend, Jane (Victoria Justice), but has never told her. Meanwhile, Aubrey is a junior who is in a relationship with an older guy but feels unfulfilled. Dave and Aubrey meet at a party and spend the night talking and exploring the city. As they grow closer, they begin to question their own relationships and feelings for each other.

The film received generally positive reviews for its realistic portrayal of teenage relationships and its strong performances from its young cast. The film’s themes of self-discovery, first love, and the transition into adulthood are relatable and well-handled.

Overall, “The First Time” is a charming and heartwarming film that captures the awkwardness and beauty of first love. It is a coming-of-age story that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

Duration: 95 min.

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