The Great Beauty (2013)

The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) is a 2013 Italian art film directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The film stars Toni Servillo as Jep Gambardella, a wealthy and aging writer who reflects on his life and the decadent society of Rome in which he lives.

The film is a meditation on beauty, art, and the meaning of life. Jep wanders through the city’s parties and social events, meeting an array of eccentric characters who represent different facets of modern Italian society. Along the way, he tries to find purpose and meaning in his life, which he feels has been wasted in pursuit of fame and pleasure.

The Great Beauty received critical acclaim, with many praising Sorrentino’s direction, Servillo’s performance, and the film’s stunning cinematography. The film won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the 86th Academy Awards and the Best European Film award at the 26th European Film Awards. It is considered one of the best Italian films of the 21st century and a masterpiece of modern cinema.

Original name: La grande bellezza

Duration: 141 min.

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