The History of Future Folk (2012)

IMDb 7.1

“The History of Future Folk” is a science-fiction comedy film that was released in 2012, directed by John Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker. The movie follows the story of an alien named General Trius, who is sent to Earth to destroy it but becomes enamored with the planet’s music and decides to start a new life as a musician.

Trius forms a band called Future Folk with a fellow alien named Kevin, and the duo begins playing music around New York City. However, their peaceful existence is threatened when the General’s fellow aliens discover his location and come to Earth to finish the job he started.

The movie is a lighthearted and whimsical take on the science-fiction genre, blending elements of comedy, music, and action. It features a charming and offbeat storyline, as well as catchy original music performed by the characters.

“The History of Future Folk” received positive reviews from critics, who praised its unique concept and the performances of the cast. It is a fun and entertaining film that is sure to appeal to fans of science-fiction, comedy, and music alike.

Duration: 86 min.


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