The Ides of March (2011)

“The Ides of March” is a 2011 political drama film directed by George Clooney and starring Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti. The movie is based on the play “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon and tells the story of an idealistic campaign worker who gets caught up in the dirty world of politics.

The film follows Stephen Meyers (Gosling), a young and ambitious press secretary who is working on the presidential campaign of Governor Mike Morris (Clooney). As the campaign heats up and tensions rise, Stephen becomes embroiled in a scandal that threatens to derail Morris’s bid for the presidency.

As Stephen navigates the political landscape, he is forced to confront his own idealism and the compromises he is willing to make in order to succeed. He also becomes entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal as he discovers that the people he thought he could trust may not be who they seem.

“The Ides of March” explores themes of power, ambition, and corruption in politics. The film received critical acclaim, with praise for its performances, direction, and screenplay. Gosling’s performance, in particular, was singled out for its emotional depth and complexity. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was praised for its timely and relevant commentary on American politics.

Duration: 101 min.

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