The In Between (2022)

IMDb 5.9

“The In Between” is an upcoming American supernatural thriller film directed by Arie Posin and written by Marc Klein. The film stars Joey King, Kyle Allen, and Kim Dickens, among others.

The story follows high school student Mads (played by Joey King) who, after a car accident, finds herself trapped between life and death. She discovers that she can communicate with the living, including her best friend (played by Kyle Allen) and her grieving mother (played by Kim Dickens), and uses her new abilities to try to solve the mystery surrounding her accident.

“The In Between” is set to be released in 2022 and is expected to offer a blend of mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements. The film is directed by Arie Posin, who previously directed the romantic drama “The Face of Love,” and is written by Marc Klein, whose previous credits include “Serendipity” and “A Good Year.”

Duration: 115 min.


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