The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)

IMDb 5.4

“The Man with the Iron Fists” is a 2012 American martial arts film directed by RZA and written by RZA and Eli Roth. The film stars RZA, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and Jamie Chung in lead roles.

Set in 19th-century China, the film tells the story of a blacksmith (RZA) who creates weapons for a small village. When a band of warriors arrives in the village seeking a treasure map, the blacksmith must use his skills to defend himself and the village from the invaders.

The film features elaborate fight sequences, showcasing various martial arts styles and weapons, as well as a diverse cast of characters with their own motivations and agendas.

“The Man with the Iron Fists” received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its stylish visuals and action sequences, but criticism for its weak plot and underdeveloped characters. Despite this, the film has gained a cult following among martial arts and action movie fans.

“The Man with the Iron Fists” is a visually striking and entertaining martial arts film that delivers on its promise of over-the-top action and excitement.

Duration: 95 min.


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