Too Big to Fail (2011)

IMDb 7.3

“Too Big to Fail” is a drama film based on the book of the same name by Andrew Ross Sorkin, which chronicles the events of the 2008 financial crisis and the government’s response to it. The movie was directed by Curtis Hanson and premiered on HBO in 2011.

The film features an all-star cast, including William Hurt as Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Paul Giamatti as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, James Woods as Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld, and Cynthia Nixon as Treasury Department public affairs officer Michele Davis.

The movie depicts the intense behind-the-scenes negotiations and power struggles that took place in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street as the government attempted to prevent the collapse of several major financial institutions, including Lehman Brothers and AIG. It also explores the personal and professional challenges faced by key players in the crisis, as they tried to balance the interests of their organizations, the public, and the overall stability of the financial system.

“Too Big to Fail” provides a gripping and informative look at one of the most significant financial crises in modern history, and the complex and controversial actions taken by the government to try to prevent its worst consequences.

Duration: 99 min.


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